Be Your Own Advocate

I recently went to a singles event about a year ago called, The Great Love Debate: Why is Everyone Single? I went because I really wanted to know the answer to that question. I didn’t expect to meet anyone special there but I did, and her name was Linsdey. She came up...

Get Tested

  After my self-diagnosis of HIV/AIDS, I found a lot of material online that supported my case. I researched for so many hours I could’ve earned a fake doctor certificate from WebMD and the MAYO Clinic. As far as I was concerned it was an open and shut case.  ...

Listen to your body and rest

  One of the symptoms of lupus is fatigue, which is a common complaint among people suffering from Lupus.  I try to explain to my friends and family that this is not a regular kind of tired when I am not in the middle of a flare, this is literally feeling like my...