Love and Lupus

I am unworthy of love, at least that’s how I have been feeling for a very long time. I apologize in advance if this post does not encourage you or give you information about my journey with Lupus and what I have learned. I’m sorry if this makes you feel worse than you...

Be Your Own Advocate

I recently went to a singles event about a year ago called, The Great Love Debate: Why is Everyone Single? I went because I really wanted to know the answer to that question. I didn’t expect to meet anyone special there but I did, and her name was Linsdey. She came up...

Why Me??????

    As I sit here and look at my swollen body, think of my scarred kidneys, my shopping bag full of medication, my calendar filled with numerous doctor’s appointments, and my fragile emotional state, I can’t help but to ask God, “Why me?”  Why is this...