Water is Wonderful!

I don’t know about you but during summertime my favorite place to be is next to some water, whether on a beach or near a pool it’s my happy place. Not only is it good for relaxation and cooling down during hot summers but it also works wonders for our...

Listen to your body and rest

  One of the symptoms of lupus is fatigue, which is a common complaint among people suffering from Lupus.  I try to explain to my friends and family that this is not a regular kind of tired when I am not in the middle of a flare, this is literally feeling like my...

Yoga and Lupus

  Yoga: One major, and often time debilitating symptom of lupus is the effect that it can have on your bones, joints, and muscles.  It can be so painful that mobility is often time impaired.  My experience was when I was first diagnosed was no exception.  There...