This gives people like me so much hope for having babies in the future. Before I started taking one of my meds I had to sign a contract, stating that I will not get pregnant because of the extreme birth defects it can cause to a fetus. I also know that my pregnancies will be high risk because of the kind of lupus I was diagnosed with. Regardless of what doctors say anything is possible and @omgeeitzangel rainbow baby is proof of that. Praying for a safe and healthy baby and delivery. 🙏🏾💜 #motivationmondays .


Angel’s story:

You were not part of the plan. They told me the chemo could make me infertile and that I should come to terms with not being able to have any more children. Which I was fine with. I had just lost your brother, and I was okay with not ever having to feel that kind of pain again 💔👼🏻. When I found out I was pregnant I was shocked. I honestly still don’t know how you happened! I have always tracked my cycles avidly and I have always avoided pregnancy when we wanted and was able to conceive when we wanted. I didn’t understand! Had I ovulated twice? Who knows!! Anyways, I can’t believe you exist. I can’t believe you’re a girl. I can’t believe how strong you are! I can’t believe how strong I am! Despite any complications we may face, you are such a blessing!!! I am currently 21 weeks & 3 days pregnant, and my lupus is still in remission. Thank you, Universe!