One of the harshest realities of being sick is that life goes on. Despite the chaos and pain associated with chronic illness it doesn’t stop life from piling more on us. @lups_warrior_25 knows this firsthand and boldly shares her fears, heartaches, & feelings of gratitude


The last couple of months have been challenging… I decided to get off social media for awhile to focus on the importance of understanding “ME” and the struggles that I face versus focusing on what everyone else is doing. Sometimes when you think that everything is going in the right direction, your world turns into complete and utter chaos. The focus is sometimes easier if you look at what other people are doing rather than trying to face the issues that are clearly right in front of you. Although everyday is not rainbows and sunshine, I am grateful for another day. Some people aren’t given that blessing unfortunately.

The last couple of months, I’ve had to step out of my independence box I secured myself in … very nicely I must add. My papa got diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and that rocked my world more than one can imagine. I’ve always been that person that can handle taking the fall for anyone I care for especially if it has to deal with something medical. Seeing a difference in my dad’s day to day movement and activities makes me want to be closer and honestly less selfish (especially being far away – yes, Michigan I am coming home sooner than later). A couple weeks ago, I lost my grandpa Tony (my last living grandparent). Although I wasn’t able to visit him as much as I would have liked to, the loss made me think of how little time we have left… not only with our parents or loved ones but with ourselves. There’s so much more I want to do and accomplish.

On top of it all, I still battle with Lupus, kidney disease, body insecurities, stress with work and coping with still being single at 37 (even though I thoroughly enjoy my independence). With all this chaos, I say this … Be good to yourself and those you love. Be honest and true to yourself in regards to who deserves the time and energy of your soul because in a blink of an eye it may just disappear. Live, laugh, love everyone … And keep smiling!

I know I’ve been out of the blog world but the next one is coming out soon… “As the world turns” … a blog about how I’m coping with my papa’s diagnosis.