As someone who pops over 30 pills a day I really appreciate this post from @the_discerning_you

Marina’s Story:

Yes, these are my meds for the week. Nothing special. Just the fundamental things that keep me going. If I flare, or get infections etc. you can rest assured the pile just grows.

So many people ask me if these meds are necessary. I’ve lost count of every person who’s recommended alternative therapies. Not because I don’t value the treatments themselves. It’s because people often believe that the CURE lies within whatever treatments they recommend.

I don’t just take meds. I do hydrotherapy, psychotherapy, and mindfulness. I also take CBD oil, I eat a healthy planned diet, and when I’m stronger I do yoga too.

Don’t get me wrong. In no way do I think my meds “heal” me. I’ve been on them for almost 9 years. They are not here to cure me and I know this. When you’re chronic — almost all meds you take treat you symptomatically. But if they take the edge off and help you cope normal life…. That’s a win in my mind!

I’m doing this post after I had a scary realization yesterday morning. I’ve been under an immense amount of pressure with work, which I’ve struggled to complete since I’ve been flaring badly. So I decided to not take my meds in the morning. They make me drowsy and I needed to get as much done as possible.

Within two hours, my right foot started to swell badly and by the 5th-6th hour … I felt like I was burning alive. At this point I just took my meds, and the symptoms slowly calmed down. It meant that I could actually focus on the work I needed to do. They didn’t solve my issues… but nothing will. And the fact that they help is enough for me.

If you have recently experienced something similar. If you’re being judged for the amount of meds you take. If you’re doubting their efficacy… Relax. They’re there to help you!
And unless someone has experienced the exact same road as you, they have no place to judge your decision to use meds when you need them. Bottoms up! #motivationmondays