I found this Nina’s story on her friend’s @_shelbysunshine page. I love seeing friends supporting each other through trials and victories.

Nina’s Story:

After being wrongfully diagnosed multiple times, I was finally diagnosed with SLE Lupus in November 2015! After enduring symptoms including painful open sores (originally rashes), hair loss, and unbearable fatigue, I was hospitalized in February 2016 due to Lupus Nephritis. All seemed hopeless! ☹️ I was forced to take a break from school in the middle of my junior year, unsure if I would return. It wasn’t long before I snapped back to reality and reminded myself that God knows better than I do and that’ll never be put in a position that I can’t handle! Lupus continually knocks you down, but my purpose to spread this same confidence to others just like me is stronger than that. It’s taken a lot of time and even more patience, but not only am I determined to KILL Lupus, I plan to bring as many warriors as possible with me across that finish line! 💜💜💜 Please follow her journey as she inspires other young people battling Lupus @lovelifelupus. Babygirl is fasho a WARRIOR. .