I’m very late for #motivationmondays but @beyondlupus_story and platform is inspiring on any day of the week.  No two lupus patients experience this disease the same, and in Zola’s case hers is a completely different and rare manifestation of the disease.  Thank you for sharing your experience and teaching those of us in the lupus community as well many others.

Zola’s Story:

Hi there I am Zola, the lupus warrior behind the instagram page @beyondlupus. I started the page motivated by many many stories of women and men who share their stories with lupus and how it affects them. I was diagnosed with Lupus Panniculitis in March 2018. My docs say it is a rare variant of lupus erythematosus otherwise known as SLE. My form of lupus is characterized by hard nodules, red, painfully discomforting and increases in size. The first nodule appeared on my thigh (it looked like a grew a third hip), the second on the arm (the size that the arm grew could certainly compete with THE INCREDIBLE HULK) and now it is on my face (looks like had time in the boxing ring). I can relate to the stories of lupus warriors from their multiple hospital visits, nausea, fever, diagnosis uncertainty, chemotherapy and of course the classic LUPUS FLARE UP. Through our strength, hope and preferred forms of treatment we can heal.