Journalist @natashasalford has made a career of sharing news stories of other people’s lives and experiences, but it was her own story that she had a hard time recounting with the public until now. Thank you for your bravery & honesty. #motivationalmondays –

Natasha’s Story:

I was diagnosed with lupus two and a half years ago. For the longest time I’ve been afraid to say that out loud but I’m trusting good things will come from sharing my story. I’m finally opening up because I want anyone who struggles with a health condition— physical, mental or otherwise— to know that you are not alone.

I want to end any stigma around speaking about health issues for young people + highlight that some of us are fighting “invisible illnesses” or have disabilities that you can’t necessarily see. I want to encourage people to listen to their bodies. I ignored a lot of pain trying to “power through,” thinking I didn’t “have time” to stop until I was forced to stop and face it anyways.

Health = Wealth. What are we working for if we don’t take time to care for ourselves?

You will see me posting more about my wellness journey and the work I’ve been doing to transform my lifestyle as 2019 approaches.There is so much I feel and have to say, but I’m going to just start with thanks.

Thank you God for being the source of life and never leaving my side.

Thank you to the friends who showed up for me when I needed them, without expectation or complaint. I kept pushing because you encouraged me.

And thank you to every person who has ever sent a kind word or message — you were helping me on days you didn’t even know.

I hope with this message I can help someone too. 💜🦋💜
“My grace is sufficient for you, My strength is made perfect in weakness…” 2 Cor. 12:8-10 .