@kim_the_human shows supernatural strength in dealing with her journey with lupus. The truth is, we all are ordinary people who are capable of doing extraordinary things!



Kim’s Story:

LU·PUS is an autoimmune disease where the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue. In my body, lupus has attacked my joints, kidneys and central nervous system. It caused swelling in my brain and kidneys, so I went through months of chemotherapy and started taking handfuls of pills a day. Some side effects were weight gain and what the doctor called chipmunk cheeks (as seen in the picture. Honestly, it’s been a sucky couple of years, especially not having control over my own body. But now (for the most part) I feel like I have that control back. I’ve cut off quite a few pounds by working out regularly and changing up my diet. But it’s an everyday struggle. Lupus basically has control over my body. It can choose to start kickin’ again at any minute. All I can do, day to day for the rest of my life, is control the things that I can and continue to roll with the punches 👊🏼