Thank you, Ashley, for not only sharing your journey but being strong enough to endure it. Check out her business @ashleyclaneinteriors



Ashley’s Story:

Some things or people may try to knock you down, but life’s real test is YOU picking YOURSELF back up no matter what. It’s definitely been tough but I have never not grinded or fought for my life, #goals, and dreams because its all I have ever had. I’ve had to fight people. I’ve fought adversity. I’ve fought to struggle. I’ve fought to put myself through school. I’ve fought depression. I’ve fought #suicide. I’ve fought Lupus. I’ve fought #LupusSLE. fought bullous lupus. I’ve fought discoid lupus. I’ve fought chemotherapy. And I’ve fought and am currently still fighting to try and build my company and brand.
When you can reach your seemingly ultimate lowest, but dig your self up out of the mud or pits of hell to still fight through any obstacle and push to overcome, you realize that no matter how sad or hard things may seem, you’ll get through. We all may doubt our perseverance at times, but if you truly have a passion, God will use your endurance and testimony as a light to guide you to your purpose.
Everyone isn’t going to believe in your dream and they shouldn’t because then it wouldn’t be yours.
The 1st picture was me at one of my lowest, sickest, darkest, and seemingly defeated points of life due to dealing with my illness. I felt I could not go on, but here I am STILL FIGHTING. I chose to start to live for myself, goals and dreams and pull it together to fight Lupus and ANYTHING else that may come my way. I chose to finally start my business because I didn’t think I maybe had much time on this earth but I see my true life’s work and time was just actually just getting started.

It may not seem that anything is progressing, but keep pushing! There has to be greatness on the other side!