Your Stories: Kim Manley

@kim_the_human shows supernatural strength in dealing with her journey with lupus. The truth is, we all are ordinary people who are capable of doing extraordinary things!     Kim’s Story: LU·PUS is an autoimmune disease where the body’s immune...

Your Stories: Jameisha, You Look Okay to Me

Through the @chronicloveclub I was able to discover the awesomeness that is @youlookokaytome, who is making her illness a platform to showcase her talents. Jameisha’s Story: Hey, I’m Jameisha. I’m a 22-year-old filmmaker from London with Lupus, FAI...

Your Stories: Ashley L.

Thank you, Ashley, for not only sharing your journey but being strong enough to endure it. Check out her business @ashleyclaneinteriors     Ashley’s Story: Some things or people may try to knock you down, but life’s real test is YOU picking...