On April 25th, 2017 I was admitted into the hospital for the first time in 4 years, for what would be my first of 7 admissions in 2017, totaling nearly 6 weeks spent in the hellhole! I arrived in the emergency room with an abdominal abscess, which quickly went septic, bursting, spreading, and turning very nasty (MRSA).
Given that I was on immunosuppressants for my Lupus, this was an impossible infection to fight, and continued to worsen, resulting in another operation, skin biopsies, and all sorts of nastiness. A pain I likened to salt and vinegar chips being rubbed into an open wound.
Little did I know when these pictures were taken, that it was the beginning of what would be a huge test of resilience, for what followed would be ongoing infections and a long period of time off of Lupus medication.
Having slept and rested for the majority of this year, with flecks of work, and flicks of friends, family and social time, I’ve awaited this day almost expecting that when a year comes it will all be over and I will return to my normal, energetic self.
Alas! We celebrate 10 years of Lupus this year, with a flare of the disease’s activity in my kidneys. Only 10 more days until we find out who’s who at the zoo, and how I can be better!
It’s a crazy thing, this Lupus ride. I feel fortunate to have had minimal complications in my 10 years, the decade anniversary must be delivering bad luck! Eagerly awaiting the upshot of it all, and ALWAYS keen to hear other’s health stories
As Troy and Gabriella once sung, ‘We’re All In This Together’! 😂