May is #lupusawarenessmonth and I am scouring the net and my own network to feature other lupus warriors and their stories. I draw strength from their courage and perseverance to thrive under very challenging circumstances.

Emily’s Story:

In 2006, I was diagnosed with the disease I feared the most: lupus. It started off mild enough and escalated to what you see today- hair loss and scars mainly on my scalp, face, neck, and chest – among other unpleasant symptoms that you can’t see. It isn’t ideal and I wouldn’t wish this roller coaster experience on anyone, but I refuse to let this condition break my spirit. I have breath, I have life, I still have a purpose and so much to give thanks and live for! I will continue to embrace ME inside out, from head to toe <3 – –

Thank you @creamofpumpkinsoup for sharing your story through pictures and words and @gstevenroper for capturing her beauty. **If you or someone you know would like to share their story on my blog or Instagram, message me. **