My skin was one of the first ways that Lupus started to manifest itself on my body. At first I thought it was an allergic reaction to a new threading studio I was going to, but then the rashes started to appear not just on my eyelids but on my face, arms, hands, legs, and thighs. I had no idea what was going on, but I knew it couldn’t be an allergic reaction. Until I had a dermatologist with a horrible bedside manner tell me that it was Lupus after I wiped away my makeup, I dealt with the raised rashes and the hyper-pigmentation it left on my skin with makeup. I wore makeup and sweaters in the middle of a NYC summer; that was torture- the sweaters not the makeup. I learned a lot more about full coverage makeup that could work for face and body. I researched the Internet for hours looking for ways to treat the rash with something besides the prescribed topical steroids that irritated me more than it helped me.  I even came across a makeup line made by a lupus patient that was pretty horrible. There were only three shades available and none were darker than the color of my palm. The foundation formula was also hard as a rock, and was not very malleable, so that was a complete waste of money. I went to almost every makeup counter in the mall until I did discovered Dermablend. They actually carried makeup in my color and it did not rub off too much on my clothes.

I have always loved makeup but this experience was very different. I was no longer the ten- year old girl sitting in front of a mirror with her Seventeen and Ebony magazines using her mom’s makeup to try out the looks in the magazine, I was a grown woman who was trying to cover up insecurities and shame. I was trying to hide the reality of this disease from everyone who would see me and most importantly, myself. I thought if I could at least look like myself I would feel like myself. If I didn’t have to see the ugliness of Lupus maybe it would go away- that didn’t happen. I am grateful for my makeup background, my determination, and my vanity that made me so uncomfortable in my own skin that I persisted with finding a solution for this one aspect of my disease and subsequently many other issues caused by Lupus. Just looking back on my almost eight year journey with this disease I am proud that I continued to research, ask questions, experiment and take chances even when I was told it was impossible, not worth my time or stupid.   Anyway I’m going off on a tangent…

Since then I have discovered a few full coverage foundations that come in a descent shade range, and don’t irritate my skin. Below are the best ones I can recommend with a clear conscious, if you have other allergens please take that into consideration when choosing any of these. Don’t be limited by your disease and know that things don’t stay the same forever. There is magic and miracles everywhere. Behold the Power of makeup.

Full Coverage Body Foundations

Dermablend Leg and Body Make up- has a better shade range than most

M.A.C Studio Face and Body- doesn’t have the best shade range but it provides good coverage.