Wouldn’t it be great to reverse the overactive immune system that is the underlying cause for Lupus.  It is a disease  that causes cells not to recognize the body’s cells as its own, but as a foreign invader that must be destroyed.  It is a natural defense mechanism for the body to build up an immune defense against foreign cells and diseases this is how we stay healthy for the most part.  However in people with Lupus this mechanism is out of whack and as a result people with Lupus can have  organs and entire systems breakdown and fail to function normally.  Well scientists may have found a breakthrough treatment that would help to restore balance the overactive immune systems in Lupus patients.  Read more about their findings on the natural immune system protein called IL-2.  


The drug could soon be rolled out for clinical trials in lupus treatment.

Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute researcher, Dr Di Yu and Professor Zhanguo Li from Peking University People’s Hospital in China co-led the study.

Dr Yu said he hoped the drug could be approved as a lupus treatment within a handful of years.

“This drug, which can help the immune system fight against cancer, was approved in the 1990s but is not commonly used now. We’re now using this drug for a different purpose, based on our new knowledge of the immune system,” Dr Yu said.

“The amount we tested for treating lupus is much less than the dose used in treating cancers. We observed the treatment was safe and showed promising results, so there’s reason to believe formal trials could begin almost immediately,” he said.

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