I walked out hoping my sister would be waiting for me at the curb, no such luck. I come from a long line of people who don’t pick up their loved ones on time. My own parents, who I know love me very much, would pick me up from school anywhere from 4:30 to about 6:30 on average. Although there were those occasions where they would pick me up, as the sun was setting and the teachers would be very concerned about my overall well-being. It usually was the result of some sort of miscommunication about who was picking me up, or someone falling asleep. Anyway my sister was from the same genealogy so she was late. While I waited I started to wander the area and reflect on my first encounter with Dr. Ni. I was optimistic. After all there were a lot of good things I had heard about Chinese medicine and Eastern medicine in general. I was sure that there was some secret cure in Eastern healing practices that big pharma didn’t want us to know about.

I was already looking forward to my next visit to see the progress I was making and the decrease of the amount of toxins on the machine even though I really didn’t understand how she was reading it. I didn’t get too deep into my thoughts when my sister arrived. She apologized for her tardiness before I could respond she asked me how my session went. I gave her some side-eye for her lateness and began to describe my experience as we drove to get me some food before I had to get back on the bus to NYC. The amount of time I spent on the bus was almost three times the amount of time I actually spent in DC. The bus ride home was pretty uneventful I was too deep in my thoughts to pay attention to anything that was going on around me. The train ride back to Brooklyn was another story though.

NYC subways are always an adventure and I was completely mesmerized for most of the ride by a woman organizing what could only be I assumed her life possessions in a shopping cart while talking to them like they were her children. I wondered how she had gotten to this point in her life after all she was once someone’s baby. Initially I was amused by her open display of emotion and disregard of anyone around her on the train, but it turned into empathy very soon. I felt like I was looking after her after a while and I became very concerned for her and her overall safety.  I played the various scenarios that could have occurred in her life that led her to this spot in front of me on the 4 train. It took a more emotional turn for me because I wondered if I could end up in a similar situation myself. She got off a few stops before me and I continued to think about her for the rest of the night.

The next day I called Dr. Ni to make another appointment and took the pills religiously in the meantime. I also called Nelia to tell her what a whack job and how wonderful I thought Dr. Ni was at the same time. She admitted that she had heard that Dr. Ni was different but affective. We both agreed that this was just the treatment that I needed and that it would indeed be life changing. I booked another round trip bus ticket for my next appointment and waited. Before my next appointment a horrific incident had happened on a Greyhound bus ride, where a passenger beheaded another passenger he was sitting next to during a ride either from or to NYC. This was the last thing I needed to hear right before my trip I was already a very dramatic person and usually made mountains out of molehills on a regular basis. I kept on replaying how such a thing could happen on a bus and what I would have done to prevent that from happening to me if I were that guy. Apparently the culprit used a machete of some sort, and I kept on wondering how he could’ve hid something like that. I guess anything is possible he could have had it in a guitar case, or a big duffle bag. So I decided not sit next to people who had large carry on items on the bus at least that was a start in preserving my neck.

I was so on edge and suspicious of everyone who sat next to me on the train and especially on my bus ride to Washington. I usually sleep whenever I get on anything that moves, i.e. a plane, the subway, a car, but not that day. I was wide-awake and alert like Homeland security level red terror alert. I didn’t want anyone sitting next to me and I sat with my neck tucked in my shirt so it would be difficult for anyone to decapitate me. I was overly suspicious of everyone who walked on the bus and checked out his or her carryon luggage to see if it was big enough to carry a machete or something similar. I didn’t want to be the victim of a dismembering but I also didn’t want to be on the bus when something like that happened. I was sure if I ever witnessed something like that I would die of a heart attack or complete fear. I am sure that is a thing.

I got to DC safe and sound and with my head in tact. The appointment went as expected with all of the key opponents still there from the first appointment. The flies were still annoying; everything was still beige, and the needles still stung. After this second treatment I expected complete healing, I am not sure why probably out of desperation. She showed me my toxin levels on the EKG looking toxin machine and I still didn’t see what she was saying but she declared that there was some improvement. YAY! Even though I didn’t feel much different and I still had to see a rheumatologist soon to see if my blood tests coincided with her declaration. She told me I still needed to come a few more times because this is just the beginning. I made another appointment because I was going to be in town for my cousin’s graduation party. I was hopeful and apparently that was really all Dr. Ni would be able to give me.