If It’s Not AIDS Then What Is IT?

  After an evening filled with margaritas, pina coladas and a lot of cheese filled goodies I ended my AIDS free celebration with Nelia and Houda, but I did not want my night to end.  I wanted to enjoy NYC, knowing that I did not have AIDS, and that that was one...

Gluten-free Pumpkin Spice Muffins

I know I am a few months early for pumpkin everything flavored season but I eat these year round, because I can! Finding out I had a gluten intolerance was one of the worst doctor visits I have ever had.  Why?  Because I love wheat, carbs, pizza, sweets, well you get...

Don’t Suffer in Silence

Often when you are diagnosed with any disease there is an initial feeling of isolation and feeling misunderstood by other people who don’t understand your diagnosis or your disease.  Two friends who were both diagnosed with chronic illnesses, lyme disease and...