An internal Medicine doctor, Dr. Kokayi, who treated me for 2 years once told me something that has stuck with me ever since.  He said, “how can you not expect what you eat to affect your disease ,when 70% of your immune system is found in your gut ?”  Well I couldn’t really argue with him there, and from then on I became more disciplined with my diet and the kinds of food I ate. Before I met Dr. Kokayi,  I researched online any information I could find, about diet restrictions for people with lupus.  There was a lot of information, actually there was too much information and it was very overwhelming.  I tried to get the professional opinion from the rheumatologist that I was seeing at the time , he offered no help whatsoever.  All he said was that I should watch what I ate, not very helpful.

The best thing I did, was to allow Dr. Kokayi to run a test on me to see which foods caused inflammation in my system.  He ran 110 different foods against my gut and the results showed that  it was mostly dairy and gluten products that caused inflammation in my system.   So I knew that I had to drastically reduce my intake of these food items, but I couldn’t just give up everything that I loved so I began to look for alternatives.  I wanted to restrict my diet without being miserable, after all I still love my mac and cheese and fried chicken, cake and pancakes, ice cream etc.  So I started to experiment with different food ingredients like brown rice flour pasta, and coconut flour, coconut oil, all natural raw honey and a lot more.   And you know what, the same foods that I loved were just as delicious with the alternative ingredients.  To be sure, I also tried out my recipes on family and friends and they all loved it.

A healthier diet will only help us better manage our disease and may even lead to longer periods of remission, but we don’t have to give up the foods that we love, we just need to make smarter decisions.  Don’t get me wrong, I still eat cheese, but it is just in moderation and paired with healthier options.  All of the recipes that I post I have cooked myself .  I have altered the recipes to my taste and, I encourage you to do the same.  If you have anything that you want me to try out please don’t hesitate to send it in to me.   I hope that you enjoy it.  My goal is to offer delicious food with all of the flavor and none of the inflammation.  Bon Appetit!