Am I a Butterfly or a Wolf?

It’s the second day of spring and I’m trying to keep to my goals from the beginning of the year. It’s supposed to be my year of yes and sometimes I forget to say, “yes.” I just had two weeks in the Northeast and I’m back feeling both refreshed and overwhelmed and it’s...

Lupus, The Flu, and Some Edlerberry Too

I’ll be honest I haven’t gotten a flu shot in over a decade and once I was diagnosed with Lupus I knew that I would never get one ever again. So far so good, I haven't gotten sick and I pray that I never do. This year however, the flu is far more severe than it has...

The Power of Makeup and the Lupus Rash

My skin was one of the first ways that Lupus started to manifest itself on my body. At first I thought it was an allergic reaction to a new threading studio I was going to, but then the rashes started to appear not just on my eyelids but on my face, arms, hands, legs,...